Smite Professional

An extremely powerful cleaner, degreasant and disinfectant. Pleasant to use and low odour.

Red Mite (and other insects) have a waxy exoskeleton (hard outer shell) which is dissolved when it comes into contact with Smite Professional, causing the mite to die of dehydration.


Smite Organic

A naturally occurring, odourless, tasteless, fine, organic mineral powder which destroys insects by puncturing the exoskeleton, causing them to die of dehydration. Use on the animal, in housing and in foodstuffs.


Scarper Vice Buster

The effective deterrent for feather pecking, tail-biting and fly attack.



Simply hang the fly trap away from the area you wish to protect. Bait lasts up to 12 weeks & kills up to 20,000 flies.


Smite Biocare

A range of high-level disinfectants and bedding powders, for clinical, veterinary and agricultural use.

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